An exciting new direction.

After 8 wonderful years at the University of Calgary, I’ve recently made a change to a new academic home. I’ve joined Mount Royal University as an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Department of Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Social Innovation at the Bissett School of Business and I can’t wait to get started.

With that said, I’ve learned so much from my colleagues at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, and at the College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation, so it is hard to say goodbye! Most difficult though is saying goodbye to the incredible Global Challenges students from our UNIV 201, 203 and 401 courses. I’m looking forward to continuing to collaborate with all of you on the design thinking research we’ve begun from my new home at MRU.

On that note, take a look at how incredible these students really are! The following video was made to promote the Global Challenges courses and aside from the awkwardness of seeing myself in there at the begining I could watch it a million times over. Well done UNIV students!

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 10.25.17 PM

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AnneMarie Dorland

AnneMarie Dorland is an Assistant Professor in the Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University, an innovation focused university that offers a different kind of business education to students who want to make a change in our world. Named a Joseph Armand Bombardier Scholar by SSHRC and a member of the University of Calgary’s Teaching Academy, Dorland has been committed to bringing together her background as a graphic designer, brand strategist and qualitative researcher to develop innovative, creative and design-oriented undergraduate learning experiences for the past decade. Through her work as a mentor and facilitator, she has supported undergraduate research and inquiry-based learning for hundreds of students in the classroom and in work integrated learning projects. She maintains a research focus on creativity and creative problem solving practices such as design thinking and her current program of research focuses on design-based problem solving practices and their use in undergraduate student learning outside of the studio space. Dorland has played an integral role in the design and leadership of the inquiry-based and experientially focused UCalgary Global Challenges curriculum, the first of its kind in Canada, and in the development and implementation of undergraduate research support for a U15 Canadian University. A creative practice researcher and contributor to several international publications on the use of design-based problem solving, she is passionate about using the practices of the studio to help students create new and innovative ideas in their marketing, branding and design work. Dorland is a professional member of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL), the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Ethnographic Praxis in Industry (EPIC), the Service Design Network (SDN), the Canadian Communication Association (ACC-CCA), the Canadian Sociological Association (CSA), the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) and the Design Management Institute (DMI).

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