How might we adopt the transformative practice of design thinking in our organizations, our classrooms and our communities?

As a researcher interested in organizational creativity and an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Mount Royal University Bissett School of Business, I explore the way that the social practices of creative and cultural producers, including practices of designing our thinking, can be used to overcome barriers to creativity, to develop meaningful learning experiences, to nurture innovation and leadership, and to help communities and organizations create change.

What does it mean to design your thinking? Design thinking is a powerful approach to creating change in our communities and our classrooms that begins with getting curious – curious about the problems at hand, about the people impacted, and about the possibilities for change presented when we embrace growth, failure and creativity.

How can you design your thinking? To find out more about the research into how teams become more creative, innovative and adaptive happening at Mount Royal University, or to learn more about the teaching and learning resources available on this site contact