Design Thinking Resources for the PSE Classroom

Teaching in the University classroom with design thinking practices has been transformational for me, and I believe for my students. The resources below are samples of assignment guides, course outlines and assessment practices that I’ve been using in courses focused on marketing, branding and innovation. My hope is that by posting them here they can come to life outside my class as well and that they might be generative for other faculty members interested in using design thinking practices in their own work with learning communities!

A quick note about another tool I use in classes all the time: informance. This translates well to online work too. Informance is the process of watching someone else do a task (from shopping to using a website) using ethnographic focused methodologies, and then performing the task using what you learned for a team of designers or design thinkers. This lets you find out what you know, what you are missing, and what assumptions you are making that your body surfaces during the process. You can learn more about this in one of the original articles written about the process here:

McDaniel, & Johnson, B. (2003). The paradox of design research: The role of informance. In B.Laurel (Ed.), Design research, methods and perspectives. Boston: MIT Press.